Activists united with the Anti-Speciesist Action Collective on Saturday illustrating that babies are babies, no matter what their species. We raised a lot of eyebrows and instigated some double takes in Garema place yesterday. Bystanders were fascinated by the concept we were illustrating, and many stopped to discuss the subject. Most viewers were receptive to the information provided, and not to our surprise they were unaware of the extreme suffering and brutality lambs endure before and during their slaughter.

This form of activism is powerful. It challenges people to confront their morality and start to break down the barriers of social conditioning and desensitisation with thought-provoking conversation and visualisation. We want to thank each of the activists that participated. It was a hot day and we appreciate your commitment to the animals, encouraging people to make the connection between human and non-human babies. Photography by Reeni Martinez



We meet and work on stolen land and we acknowledge that sovereignty was never ceded. We wish to pay our respects to the rightful custodians of this land, and to their elders past, present and emerging.