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Today Activists united at the main gates of Thoroughbred Park to protest the corrupt and cruel horse racing industry. The Black Opal Stakes races pushes 2-year-old horses over 1200 metres while humans indulge themselves with alcohol and gambling, oblivious to the anguish and violence the coerced horses endure, which they are inherently condoning.

A young lady who had attended the races with her dad came back through the gates to speak with the activists and ask further questions about the abuse of the horses. After a short conversation she declared she was leaving to catch a bus home and research more about horse racing.

A couple approached activists to find out more about the messages on the signs and ended up reconsidering ever attending the races again. The woman took some of the informative pamphlets and said she would leave them on seats at the track.
Numerous people working the event spoke to us about their disapproval of horse racing and showed their support for our protest.

Huge thank you to all the activists who participated under the hot sun and engaged with interested race attendees, providing them with information and insight to the horror show behind the ‘party’.



We meet and work on stolen land and we acknowledge that sovereignty was never ceded. We wish to pay our respects to the rightful custodians of this land, and to their elders past, present and emerging.