What is wrong with the ACT Government Kangaroo Cull?

They have claimed that there is an overpopulation of kangaroos despite having no consistent way of even measuring populations. Independent ecological analysis found no such overpopulation.

They have claimed that the kangaroos’ grazing is impacting the biodiversity despite the CSIRO reporting the opposite. In fact, after culling kangaroos, the increased vegetation has posed a substantial bushfire risk prompting use of livestock and backburning to try mitigate this increased risk.

These claims have been shown in court to be lies yet the cull continues. The ACT government has changed legislation to bypass any form of oversight, giving them absolute authority to slaughter kangaroo mobs.

This is pointless cruelty that costs taxpayers over a quarter of a million dollars EVERY YEAR.

The ACT government is wasting money by killing a keystone species, increasing our bushfire risk, and all with no credible evidence that the cull is good for the environment or the health of kangaroo populations. So who is REALLY benefiting from this?

We need you to voice your opposition to this pointless cruelty. Go to stopthecull.net.au to sign the petition, to write or call the relevant MLAs, or to get more information. Make 2018 the end of this barbaric practice.

How can you help?

Sign and share the petition

Write or call your MLAs

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Mick Gentleman
ACT Labor, Minister for Planning and Land Management
(02) 6205 0218

Elizabeth Lee
Canberra Liberals, Shadow Minister for Environment
(02) 6205 1919

Shane Rattenbury
ACT Greens, Minister for Climate Change and Sustainability
(02) 6205 0005

Caroline Le Couteur
ACT Greens
(02) 6205 1941

Write to the Canberra Times

Katie Burgess
Reporter for the Canberra Times

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